Data Loss Prevention in a Remote-Work World (Webinar)

I was recently part of a webinar at work: Data Loss Prevention in a Remote-Work World

With more employees working from home and public places, often on less secure networks, it has become vitally important to ensure confidential data is not being leaked or exfiltrated in this hyper-connected world. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions promise to be a cure for some of those challenges but still require additional understanding and resources to implement smoothly.

During this live webinar, we’ll explore the problem areas that Microsoft Office 365 DLP can help address, some of the misconceptions, and how to maximize the return of your Microsoft investment. We will cut through the complexity and discuss actionable steps to improve your data visibility and move toward better data protection.

During this practical cybersecurity webinar, you will learn about:

  • DLP solution implementation basics
  • What is (and is not) possible with DLP solutions
  • Why Sensitivity Labels are different from Sensitive Information
  • How to make sense of licensing options

Join Remediation Security Consultants Phil Rowland and Mike Owens for insights on this important but misunderstood Office 365 feature. The webinar will feature real-world applications along and the opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Watch it at

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