Defending Backups Against Ransomware (Webinar)

I recently hosted a webinar at work: Defending Backups Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a Different Beast

Human-operated ransomware represents a unique challenge to backup infrastructures. Unlike other disaster scenarios, a ransomware attack specifically targets and attempts to destroy backup systems to increase the likelihood of a victim organization paying the ransom. This type of threat requires a different approach to securing backup infrastructure.

Last Line of Defense

Hardened, trustworthy backups are the difference between disaster and disaster recovery.

Join Security Consultant Mike Owens and Remediation Director Paul Sems who will discuss how ransomware attackers are going after backups, identify common protection gaps, and learn hands-on best practices for hardening backup systems against ransomware. Don’t make paying the ransom your only option!

Watch it at

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